Kids and Pets Day is April 26. There are few things cuter than seeing kids snuggled up with their animal buddies. That special bond we feel with our animal companions is extremely precious, and can have a huge effect on our hearts and lives. It also begins in childhood. Read on as a Derby vet discusses kids and pets.


Kids and pets are cute together, but that’s not the only reason to celebrate that special friendship. Pets can teach kids a lot about empathy, kindness, and companionship. They also make great cuddle buddies and playmates. Our furry pals also tend to look after their tiny humans. There are many heartwarming stories about dogs and cats helping kids or even rescuing them. There are even some physical advantages for children that grow up with pets. All that dust and fur can help kids become resistant to pet hair. That means they’ll be more likely to have stronger immune systems and fewer allergies as adults.

Your Child’s First Pet

Has your youngster been begging for a pet? These can be tricky waters to navigate. The main issue here is that it’s hard to gauge whether your little one actually will keep their promises to care for their new friend. Start with something small, like a goldfish, hamster, or gerbil, and supervise all interactions, especially the pet’s care. On the other paw, if you feel that the family is ready for a dog or cat, you can have your child help with things like feeding and brushing them.


So how does one honor this special day? Pick up a new toy for the family pet, and let your child indulge them in a play session. Just keep a close eye on things, and make sure everything is going smoothly. Another thing you can do is have a photo session. Or, have your youngster make something for their animal friend. This can be anything from tents to toys to beds. You can also make homemade treats. There are lots of wonderful ideas and recipes for these things online. Then, at the end of the day, settle down with your youngster for a good show or movie about pets. Disney and Pixar alone offer dozens of great ones to pick from.

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