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Dragon-Like Lizards You Can Adopt

Green bearded dragon facing to its right side

Tomorrow, January 16th, is Appreciate A Dragon Day! Dragons have long held us in thrall. Stories and legends featuring them date back to the beginning of history. While most people think of big, flying creatures, not all dragons are super-sized, fire-breathing grumps. In fact, there are several reptiles that look like tiny dragons. A local … Read More »

4 Great Beginner Birds

Bird with gray wings and red chest on a food bowl

Happy New Year! It appears that 2022 has already gone to the birds: January is Adopt A Rescued Bird Month! We love seeing our feathered friends going to great homes. Of course, Polly has some very specific care needs, which are very different from Fluffy and Fido’s. If you’ve never had a bird before, you’ll … Read More »

Guinea Pig Care Tips


Are you looking for a pet that’s small and easy to care for? Is your child begging for a furry buddy? A Guinea pig may be the perfect solution! These little guys—also called cavies—are both charming and adorable, and they won’t do much damage to your wallet or schedule. A Wichita, KS vet lists some … Read More »

Setting Up a Guinea Pig Cage


Have you just adopted a Guinea pig? If so, you’ve got an adorable pet! One thing that is very important is making sure your little buddy is comfortable in his home. Here, a Wichita, KS vet offers some tips on setting up a cage for your little furball. Choosing The Cage Picking the right size … Read More »

Bunny Care


Have you recently adopted a bunny? These guys are adorable little pets! We all know that Floppy needs a comfy cage, a good diet, and proper veterinary care. However, these little furballs need much more than that to really thrive. A Wichita, KS vet lists some great bunny care tips below. Lots Of Toys Rabbits … Read More »

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