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Bringing An Outdoor Cat In

Bringing An Outdoor Cat In

Have you had a cute kitty hanging around your home lately? Many of our feline patients simply showed up at their new-masters’ houses one day, and are now pampered pets. Of course, it will take Fluffy some time to adjust to living indoors. Read on for some tips from a Derby vet on helping your … Read More »

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Fun Facts About Farm Animals

Fun Facts About Farm Animals

Farm Animals Awareness Week starts September 13th! There is a rising number of people who are getting out of the cities, moving to rural areas, and starting homesteads. We’re happy to see more and more small farms popping up, as this lifestyle typically offers animals a much, much better quality of life than factory farms. … Read More »

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Tips for Buying a Birdcage


Are you planning to adopt a bird? If so, you’ll need to pick out a good cage for Polly. This may sound like a pretty simple task, but there is actually quite a lot to consider. A local Wichita, KS vet offers some tips on this below. Size Size is one of the first things … Read More »

Summer Pig Care


Have you recently adopted a pig? Whether your porcine buddy lives the pampered life of a pet, or has a more traditional pig’s lifestyle in a barn or shed, you’ll need to take some extra steps to keep him comfy in the summer heat. A local Derby vet discusses summer pig care in this article. … Read More »

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How to Pamper Your Horse


I Love Horses Day is today, July 15th. This is one occasion we are more than happy to  awareness about. Horses have played an integral role in our history. However, we’re well into the age of the horseless carriage now, and they have mostly been relegated to the roles of pet, athlete, and/or trail buddy. … Read More »

Cow Appreciation Day


Have you heard the moos? Cow Appreciation Day is coming up on July 13th! We are udderly delighted to help raise awareness about and appreciation for these sweet, gentle creatures. A local Wichita, KS vet discusses our bovine buddies in this article. Fun Facts Did you know that cows form very close bonds with one … Read More »

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