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Celebrating Farm Animals Day

White and brown cow herd

National Farm Animals Awareness Week starts on September 18th! This was started back in 1993, with the hopes of raising awareness about the importance of treating all animals—including farm animals—with … Read More »

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Gold Dust Day Gecko Care

Gray gecko with orange spots

Today, September 1st, is Gecko Day! These cute little lizards definitely deserve their own day. They actually have quite a lot to offer as pets! A Wichita, KS vet discusses … Read More »

Black Cats

Black cat lying on grass facing to the right

Black Cat Appreciation Day is August 17th! October 27th is also special to Fluffy: it’s Black Cat Day! Why do black cats get not one but two special days? They … Read More »

Summer Cow Care

Herd of cow near a fence

Did you know that any time the heat index is over 80, cows are at risk? Heat can not only reduce milk production, it can also cause other health issues, … Read More »

Fun Facts About Collies

Adult hairy border collie facing to the right

Do you have a Collie? If so, put a pawprint on your calendar for July 21st: it’s Collie Day! These beloved, iconic pups are very, very good boys. A Wichita, … Read More »

How To Improve Your Pasture

Brown horse galloping on grass

If you have a horse, you likely know how crucial it is for Silver to have ample turnout time, and be able to graze. This is a natural behavior for … Read More »

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