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FAQS About Adopting A Rescued Rabbit

Did you know that February is Adopt A Rescued Rabbit Month? There’s certainly never a bad time to adopt one of these charming little pets. However, while bunnies are adorable, … Read More »

Mistakes In Dog Training

The month of January is Dog Training Month! Though it’s never a bad time to talk about Fido’s education, now’s the perfect time to consider doggy training regimen, and for … Read More »

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A Look Back At Fluffy’s 2023 Highlights

Happy New Year! And as we enter into 2024, different media sources are looking back on the previous year and discussing its most important moments. Our feline overlords may be … Read More »

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Holidays With Exotic Pets

Happy holidays from everyone at Hodes Veterinary Health Center. At this time of year, we receive many adorable photos of our furry patients posing in front of festive trees. Dogs … Read More »

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Llama Care Basics


Llama Day is coming up on December 9th. Llamas are enjoying a wave of popularity here in the States, particularly in cooler climates. In fact, the New York Times just … Read More »

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Caring For Fido’s Paws

Fido’s pawprints have become his unofficial sigil: they appear on his bowls, blankets, and many other products. He also knows some really cute paw tricks, such as Shake and Gimme … Read More »

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