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Tips For Choosing Reptile Lighting

One of the most important—and perhaps most complicated—parts of owning a reptile is making sure that they have the proper environmental conditions. Lighting is a crucial part of that. Many … Read More »

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Signs Of Pain In Birds

green parrot

September is Animal Pain Awareness Month. It’s also Responsible Pet Ownership Month. Your bird relies on you to take care of them, and to provide food, water, toys, and, when … Read More »

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Playing With A Senior Cat

Did you know that cats are officially seniors as young as age nine? Our feline pals usually age quite gracefully, so it’s not likely that you’ll notice drastic changes all … Read More »

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Odie’s Outlook

dog with brown and white fur

Garfield lovers, get your lasagna recipes ready: August 8th is Odie’s birthday! The animated cartoon companions have been chasing each other around and keeping an eye on their human, Jon … Read More »

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Taking Fido Camping

Do your summer plans include camping? If so, you’re definitely not alone. As many as 48 million American households go camping each year! Man’s Best Friend is of course delighted … Read More »

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Donkey Care


Are you considering adopting a donkey? There are many rescue donkeys out there in need of wonderful homes. These sweet, personable equines really have a way of melting hearts, and … Read More »

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