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Heritage Breeds Day

Heritage Breeds Week starts May 21st. This may not be the most popular animal holiday on the calendar, but it is an important one, particularly for those who work with … Read More »

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And Meow, Spotlight On The Cat Tower

Does your kitty have a cat tower? If not, you may want to consider getting her one. Cats are pretty versatile when it comes to finding places to sleep and … Read More »

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Choosing Your Goats

Are you interested in keeping goats? You’re definitely in good company! Goats are winning hearts all over the place. They’re not only petting zoo favorites, they’re also often used for … Read More »

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Celebrating Farm Animals Day With The Kids

April is Farm Animals Day! As you may know, farm animals are definitely in our wheelhouse here at Hodes Veterinary Health Center. We’re more than happy to celebrate our hooved … Read More »

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Tick Bite Prevention Tips


Tick Bite Prevention Week is March 24th to 30th this year. This is a very important and timely topic. As the weather warms up, ticks will be coming out in … Read More »

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Adopt A Rescued Guinea Pig


Did you know that March is Adopt A Rescued Guinea Pig Month? Guinea pigs are super adorable little furballs, and they really can make very charming little pets. A local … Read More »

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