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Help A Horse Day

Are you a horse lover? Whether you’re active now, or just admire these majestic, amazing animals from a distance, this is a great time to show our equine friends some … Read More »

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Helping Your New Pet Adjust

Are you considering adopting a new pet soon? Welcoming a new pet into your home may be an exciting experience! However, it is important to understand that significant changes can … Read More »

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Clearing the Air on Pet Poisoning

It’s time for National Animal Poison Prevention Week starting March 17th this year. This annual observance serves as a stark reminder of the hidden dangers in our homes. Poisonings can … Read More »

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Doggy Brainpower: How Smart Is Man’s Best Friend?

Do you have a smart dog? If so, you’re not the only one. Some of our canine friends are extremely intelligent. The average pooch can pick up more than 100 … Read More »

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Kids And Pets: Tips From A Wichita, KS Veterinarian

Pets and children are an adorable—and classic—combination. It’s always heartwarming to see cute photos of our animal companions with their favorite tiny humans. As it turns out, our animal companions … Read More »

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FAQS About Adopting A Rescued Rabbit

Did you know that February is Adopt A Rescued Rabbit Month? There’s certainly never a bad time to adopt one of these charming little pets. However, while bunnies are adorable, … Read More »

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