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Things To Consider Before Adopting A Llama

Have you noticed that llamas  have become quite popular over the last few years? Are you considering getting a llama? Llamas probably aren’t the first thing to come to mind … Read More »

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Dragon-Like Lizards You Can Adopt

Green bearded dragon facing to its right side

Tomorrow, January 16th, is Appreciate A Dragon Day! Dragons have long held us in thrall. Stories and legends featuring them date back to the beginning of history. While most people … Read More »

Tips for Buying a Birdcage


Are you planning to adopt a bird? If so, you’ll need to pick out a good cage for Polly. This may sound like a pretty simple task, but there is … Read More »

Things to Consider Before Adopting an Exotic Pet


Have you been thinking about adopting an unusual pet, such as a chinchilla, reptile, or hedgehog? While dogs and cats will likely always be the most popular pets, they aren’t … Read More »

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Household Hazards for Birds

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Do you have a feathered buddy for a pet? Polly may be small, but she has a huge personality, and can take up a huge amount of space in your … Read More »

Safe and Unsafe Plants for Birds


Do you have a pet bird? If so, you may already know about many common household hazards that are dangerous to birds, such as fumes, fans, and window treatments. Many … Read More »

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