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FAQS About Adopting A Rescued Rabbit

Did you know that February is Adopt A Rescued Rabbit Month? There’s certainly never a bad time to adopt one of these charming little pets. However, while bunnies are adorable, … Read More »

Llama Care Basics


Llama Day is coming up on December 9th. Llamas are enjoying a wave of popularity here in the States, particularly in cooler climates. In fact, the New York Times just … Read More »

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Tips For Choosing Reptile Lighting

One of the most important—and perhaps most complicated—parts of owning a reptile is making sure that they have the proper environmental conditions. Lighting is a crucial part of that. Many … Read More »

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Signs Of Pain In Birds

green parrot

September is Animal Pain Awareness Month. It’s also Responsible Pet Ownership Month. Your bird relies on you to take care of them, and to provide food, water, toys, and, when … Read More »

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Sheep Care Tips

Are you interested in starting a farm or homestead? If you’re interested in keeping livestock, you may want to consider getting sheep. They’re a popular livestock animal for beginners, and … Read More »

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Choosing Your Goats

Are you interested in keeping goats? You’re definitely in good company! Goats are winning hearts all over the place. They’re not only petting zoo favorites, they’re also often used for … Read More »

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