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Fun Facts About Mini Donkeys

Mini donkey eating grass

Are you considering adopting a mini-donkey? Perhaps you know of a rescued one that needs a retirement home. Mini-donkeys are very fun and adorable pets. They’re of course similar to … Read More »

Caring For A Senior Mini-Pig

Three mini-pigs with bows on the head

Mini-pig Day is coming up on November 4th. Mini-pigs have been gaining in popularity over the past several years, and with good reason. These guys are not only super cute, … Read More »

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Celebrating Farm Animals Day

White and brown cow herd

National Farm Animals Awareness Week starts on September 18th! This was started back in 1993, with the hopes of raising awareness about the importance of treating all animals—including farm animals—with … Read More »

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Sugar Glider Diets

Sugar Glider Diets

Are you considering adopting sugar gliders? These little guys are becoming quite popular, and it isn’t hard to see why: they’re both super cute and lots of fun! Like any … Read More »

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Adopting A Shelter Cat

Gray cat behind a cage bar

June 4th is a pretty special day for Man’s Second Best Friend: it’s Adopt A Shelter Cat Day! About 3 million cats enter America’s shelters each year. That’s a lot … Read More »

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Ukrainian Animal Spotlight: The Ukrainian Grey Cow

Gray cow standing tall with horns

Over the past few weeks, the world’s attention has been focused on Ukraine, and the plight of the refugees leaving the country. Many animal lovers—including countless numbers of people in … Read More »

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