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Playing With A Senior Cat

Did you know that cats are officially seniors as young as age nine? Our feline pals usually age quite gracefully, so it’s not likely that you’ll notice drastic changes all … Read More »

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Odie’s Outlook

dog with brown and white fur

Garfield lovers, get your lasagna recipes ready: August 8th is Odie’s birthday! The animated cartoon companions have been chasing each other around and keeping an eye on their human, Jon … Read More »

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Summer Horse Care

Summer can be a great time for equestrians. Trail riders get to explore beautiful spots, and shows and rodeos are also going full steam ahead. However, you will need to … Read More »

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Giving Your Pet Holiday Treats

Brown hairy dog wearing a reindeer hat and a black cat wearing a santa hat

Season’s Greetings! Some of us are definitely eating more than usual this month. Food plays a huge role in many holiday gatherings. Those delicious seasonal meals and treats may not … Read More »

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Fun Facts About Mini Donkeys

Mini donkey eating grass

Are you considering adopting a mini-donkey? Perhaps you know of a rescued one that needs a retirement home. Mini-donkeys are very fun and adorable pets. They’re of course similar to … Read More »

Caring For A Senior Mini-Pig

Three mini-pigs with bows on the head

Mini-pig Day is coming up on November 4th. Mini-pigs have been gaining in popularity over the past several years, and with good reason. These guys are not only super cute, … Read More »

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