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Donkey Care


Are you considering adopting a donkey? There are many rescue donkeys out there in need of wonderful homes. These sweet, personable equines really have a way of melting hearts, and … Read More »

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Walking The Dog Day


The 23rd is Walking The Dog Day! Does your dog get excited when you pick up his leash? Perhaps Fido lets you know when he needs to go out, maybe … Read More »

Thanksgiving On The Farm

Farrier and veterinarian talking with cows behind them

Thanksgiving is coming up quick! If you have a barn or farm, you may have some extra tasks to handle at this time of year. With both winter weather and … Read More »

Fall With Senior Cats

Ginger cat surrounded by fallen leaves

Fall is a beautiful time of year here in Kansas. If your feline buddy is still young and active, you may notice her getting quite frisky and playful as the … Read More »

Things To Consider Before Adopting A Dog

Cream-colored adult dog with Adopt-Dont-Shop background

October is Adopt A Shelter Dog Month! Of course, we’re thrilled whenever any pooch finds a loving forever home. We love meeting new patients! However, adopting a dog is a … Read More »

Gold Dust Day Gecko Care

Gray gecko with orange spots

Today, September 1st, is Gecko Day! These cute little lizards definitely deserve their own day. They actually have quite a lot to offer as pets! A Wichita, KS vet discusses … Read More »

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