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How To Improve Your Pasture

Brown horse galloping on grass

If you have a horse, you likely know how crucial it is for Silver to have ample turnout time, and be able to graze. This is a natural behavior for horses, and is really important for your horse’s health and well-being. Of course, you’ll also need to make sure your pasturage is safe and sufficient. … Read More »

Fighting Fleas

Magnified image of a pink flea

Summer doesn’t only mean the return of warm weather: it also brings out insects and parasites. As far as pets are concerned, fleas are one of the biggest issues at this time of year. Fleas can carry dangerous diseases, and they can also transmit other parasites, such as tapeworms. Yuck! This is one area where … Read More »

Keeping A Senior Dog Active

Cream-colored old dog walking in the road

Is your dog a senior? Fido looks adorable with a grey muzzle, and his eyes somehow get even more soulful and expressive as he ages. As your pet grows older, he will slow down, just as we all do. However, you don’t want to let your pooch become a complete couch potato. Fido still needs … Read More »

Birthing Time On The Farm

Brown mother cow and a brown calf

Spring is well underway. For those of you who have farm animals, this tends to be a busy—and adorable—time of year. While animals can and do give birth all year, the majority of expectant mamas go into labor in spring. Read on for some tips from a Wichita, KS veterinarian on being prepared for your … Read More »

Spring Pasture Management Tips

Brown horse standing at the door of the cabin

Spring is here! If you have horses, cows, or other livestock, your four-legged friends are most likely raring to get back to grazing. Proper pasture management is very important, especially at this time of year. A local Wichita, KS vet offers some spring pasture-management tips below. Don’t Rush It It may be tempting to let … Read More »

Cute Ways To Celebrate Love Your Pet Day

Two white kittens with brown ears snuggle close together

Love Your Pet Day is coming up on February 20th. If you have a kitty, why not make a point of pampering Fluffy a bit? Cats really do fill our lives with love. They keep us laughing, snuggle up with us, and just generally help our houses feel like homes. That deserves to be celebrated! … Read More »

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