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Mistakes In Dog Training

The month of January is Dog Training Month! Though it’s never a bad time to talk about Fido’s education, now’s the perfect time to consider doggy training regimen, and for … Read More »

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Caring For Fido’s Paws

Fido’s pawprints have become his unofficial sigil: they appear on his bowls, blankets, and many other products. He also knows some really cute paw tricks, such as Shake and Gimme … Read More »

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Celebrating Livestock Guard Dogs

National Livestock Guardian Dog Appreciation and Awareness Day is October 26th. Guarding livestock was one of Fido’s first jobs? Our canine pals’ ability to protect our animals from both wild … Read More »

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Celebrating Our Canine Companions

Tomorrow is Canine Companion Day! This ‘pawesome’ pet holiday celebrates the special bond we form with our four-legged friends. Fido’s love and friendship are definitely something to celebrate! A Wichita, … Read More »

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Taking Fido Camping

Do your summer plans include camping? If so, you’re definitely not alone. As many as 48 million American households go camping each year! Man’s Best Friend is of course delighted … Read More »

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Tick Bite Prevention Tips


Tick Bite Prevention Week is March 24th to 30th this year. This is a very important and timely topic. As the weather warms up, ticks will be coming out in … Read More »

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