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Keeping A Senior Dog Active

Cream-colored old dog walking in the road

Is your dog a senior? Fido looks adorable with a grey muzzle, and his eyes somehow get even more soulful and expressive as he ages. As your pet grows older, he will slow down, just as we all do. However, you don’t want to let your pooch become a complete couch potato. Fido still needs … Read More »

Cute Ways To Celebrate Love Your Pet Day

Two white kittens with brown ears snuggle close together

Love Your Pet Day is coming up on February 20th. If you have a kitty, why not make a point of pampering Fluffy a bit? Cats really do fill our lives with love. They keep us laughing, snuggle up with us, and just generally help our houses feel like homes. That deserves to be celebrated! … Read More »

Meet The Cairn Terrier

Brownish Cairn Terrier standing on a grassy lawn

Did you know that the Cairn Terrier was almost our state dog? This would have been a perfect choice. After all, Toto, the beloved pooch from The Wizard Of Oz, is definitely a Kansas favorite. A 2012 bill proposing that these lovable pups become our mascot was sent up the flagpole, but ultimately didn’t pass. … Read More »

3 Key Holiday Dog Safety Tips

Chow chow sits beside Christmas decorations

The holidays are upon us! Many of our canine patients seem to really enjoy this time of year. And why wouldn’t they? Man’s Best Friend often scores lots of extra treats and belly rubs around the holidays, plus some new toys and other goodies. However, this can be a dangerous season for Fido. A Wichita, … Read More »

Fido’s Summer Plans

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Summer is just about here! This year will definitely be much more fun than last year, as things are opening up and starting to finally look normal. We know that many of you are likely making big plans for the next few months. It’s probably safe to say that some of our canine patients also … Read More »

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Kids and Pets Day


Kids and Pets Day is April 26. There are few things cuter than seeing kids snuggled up with their animal buddies. That special bond we feel with our animal companions is extremely precious, and can have a huge effect on our hearts and lives. It also begins in childhood. Read on as a Derby vet … Read More »

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