Tomorrow is Canine Companion Day! This ‘pawesome’ pet holiday celebrates the special bond we form with our four-legged friends. Fido’s love and friendship are definitely something to celebrate! A Wichita, KS vet offers some information on our friendship with Fido in this article.

A Long Friendship

We’ve been friends with Fido for a very long time. Remains of dogs and humans that were buried together have been dated back to 14,000 years ago, but there are indications that we’ve been friends with our furry companions for much longer than that … perhaps as much as 30,000 years.

Revelations From DNA

Dogs and wolves are very close together in this aspect: Fido shares a whopping 99.9 percent of his DNA with his wild cousins. However, dogs also have been found to have genes that are linked to sociability, which likely are responsible for that sweet, friendly demeanor many pups have. These are on the same chromosome (Chromosome six) as similar genes in humans.

Love Language

Man’s Best Friend has also influenced our language. This is another area where that long history reveals itself. It’s thought that the word puppy evolved from the French word ‘poupee’, which loosely means ‘something we love, cherish, and give affection to.’ That’s certainly accurate!

Old Myths

Myths about Fido also go far, far back in human history. African folk myths speak of a dog that gave us fire, while the Greeks held that dogs were sacred to Ares and Artemis. In fact, pups appear in myths from all over the world.

A Helping Paw

We all know that dogs provide us with love and companionship, and that they stand by us through thick and thin. As it turns out, Fido is also good for our health. People with dogs tend to be slimmer than those who don’t have pups. Our canine friends also boost our mental health, helping us cope with depression, anxiety, trauma, and PTSD.


How does one honor this special occasion? Picking up a new toy or a special treat for Fido is the obvious choice. However, at the end of the day, all your pup really wants is to spend time with you. Get that tail going by taking Fido to a new park or trail. Some quiet quality time would also not go unappreciated. Don’t skimp on those belly rubs, either!

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