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How to Keep Your Pet Disease-Free

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If there’s one thing that the world has focused on this year, it’s diseases. More precisely, how to prevent them. When it comes to your animal friend, there are several important steps you should be taking to keep them disease-free! Learn more here from a Wichita, KS veterinarian. Vaccinate Early On When your pet is … Read More »

Preventing Colic in Horses


Colic may be one of the most feared words in the horse care industry. As you may know, there are several forms of colic, which are all quite dangerous, and can even be fatal. While there is no way to absolutely guarantee that your horse will never get colic, there are some things you can … Read More »

Signs of Arthritis in Dogs


Did you know that as many as 65 percent of dogs over age seven have arthritis? This painful condition is no more fun for dogs than it is for people. However, your pet can’t tell you if something is wrong, so it’s important to know the warning signs. Read on as a local Wichita, KS … Read More »

Arthritis In Dogs


As you may know, arthritis is very common in older dogs. In fact, over 65% of dogs over age seven are afflicted. While arthritis isn’t curable, there are things you can do to keep your furry pal comfortable. A Butler County vet discusses doggy arthritis below. Sign Keep an eye out for warning signs as … Read More »

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