Do your summer plans include camping? If so, you’re definitely not alone. As many as 48 million American households go camping each year! Man’s Best Friend is of course delighted to accompany his humans on these trips. However, you’ll need to take some precautions to keep Fido safe in the Great Outdoors. A Derby vet offers some advice on this below. 


Before leaving, double check to make sure Fido is current on all vaccines and parasite control products. Depending on where you’re going, you may want to ask your vet about additional vaccines, such as Lepto. ID tags and microchips are also very important. (Tip: GPS tags aren’t a bad idea, either.) We’d advise keeping copies of your canine pal’s records with you. An easy way to do this is just put copies in your glove compartment. 


Dogs can get into all sorts of trouble at campsites. The potential dangers range from campfires to toxic plants to wild animals, some of which are extremely deadly. It’s also worth noting that, while any pooch can get into shenanigans, certain breeds are more prone than others to give into instinctive urges, such as tracking or chasing things or sometimes just wanting to find out what’s over there. Err on the side of caution, and keep your four-legged friend leashed. You’ll need to be extra careful and vigilant if your pup is prone to  mischief!


Don’t forget to pick up after Fido. Some places allow you to bury your canine buddy’s waste. Just check local ordinances first. This may be illegal near water sources, as dog feces are a major source of water pollution.

First Aid

Always bring a first-aid kit when going camping. You can get one made for humans, and then just add a few pet-specific things, such as a muzzle, splints, and non-stick bandages.


You’ll need to pack a bag for the pooch. Fido will need food, snacks, towels, blankets or bedding, a leash and tie-line, bowls, and, of course, toys and treats. If you’re going swimming, include a doggy lifejacket as well. 


Camping can be a wonderful experience. It’s hard to beat sitting at a crackling fire under a starry sky, enjoying an amazing view with Fido. Snap some pictures of your canine companion! 

Do you have questions about caring for your dog? Contact us, your local Derby animal clinic, anytime!