Garfield lovers, get your lasagna recipes ready: August 8th is Odie’s birthday! The animated cartoon companions have been chasing each other around and keeping an eye on their human, Jon Arbuckle, for almost 50 years now. As it turns out, we can learn quite a bit from Odie. A Wichita, KS veterinarian goes over some life lessons from the drooly Dachshund mix in this article.  


Have A Positive Outlook 

Garfield and Odie are certainly worlds apart in terms of personality. Garfield is known for being sarcastic, cynical, and, well, sometimes a bit mean. Odie, on the other paw, is the eternal optimist. There’s a lot to be said for staying positive about things. 


Be Tenacious

Just like our real life feline friends, Garfield can’t resist knocking things off tables. He’s smacked poor Odie off the furniture too many times to count. Odie, to his credit, always bounces back. (He also cleverly plots his revenge, but that’s another tactic.) 


Be The Best Version Of You

Did you know that Odie has an alter ego? That would be Odieboy, the sidekick of Garfield’s superhero self, Supergarfield. The pup’s superpowers? Napping and eating too much pizza. Then again, quite a few of our canine patients excel at those things.


Try New Looks

Odie and Garfield have changed over the years. Garfield somehow looks younger now than he did in his debut in 1978. As for Odie, he changed his ear color from black to brown back in 1979. He also lost a few toes, which we don’t recommend.


Show Affection

Garfield and Odie spend a lot of time bickering, and often frame each other for various mishaps. However, at the end of the day, they actually do care deeply about each other. Show your love!


Spend Time Outdoors

Odie is always delighted to get to go outside. (Of course, Garfield has used this to kick Odie out of the house, but that’s another topic.) The slobbering canine may be on to something there: spending time outdoors is healthy and important for all of us. 


Be Loyal

Like our real life canine pals, Odie is unquestionably loyal to his human. The pup has stuck faithfully beside Jon through all sorts of ups and downs. Be faithful to those who are good to you! 


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