October is Adopt A Shelter Dog Month! Of course, we’re thrilled whenever any pooch finds a loving forever home. We love meeting new patients! However, adopting a dog is a huge commitment, so it’s something to think very carefully about. In this article, a Wichita, KS vet lists some things you would want to consider before bringing Fido home.


Our canine pals vary drastically in size, from teeny-tiny Chihuahuas to massive Saint Bernards. If you’re a homeowner with a fenced yard, you may not need to worry about size too much. However, renters may find themselves in a pickle trying to find a spot that takes large dogs. (Note: one benefit of adopting an older dog: you won’t have to guess about Fido’s full adult size.)


Breed isn’t the only factor that plays a role in Fido’s personality, but it’s definitely a big one. Various breeds were originally developed to perform specific tasks, so many of the behaviors associated with those tasks are pretty deep ingrained. For instance, a herding dog, such as a Border Collie, may instinctively try to ‘corral’ their family. And, true to their roots as fowl-retrieving pups, many Golden Retrievers are water-loving athletes that love playing Fetch.

Other Pets

Many dogs do just fine with their furry roommates, especially if they have been raised together. Actually, several of our feline patients bully their canine ‘siblings.’ However, this isn’t universal. If you have other animals—or are considering adopting some, keep this in mind as well.


We know, puppies are adorable. There’s also a lot to be said for raising your furry buddy yourself. However, there are benefits to adopting older pooches. They’re less destructive, already trained, and don’t need as much exercise. Age is also relevant because it’s linked to the length of the commitment you’re signing on for. A puppy represents a much longer commitment than a senior dog!


Our canine buddies are sporting many different hairstyles and colors. Appearance is personal preference, but it isn’t the only factor here. Fido’s coat type will also determine how much grooming he needs. This can vary quite a bit. Some dogs need daily brushing, while others only need occasional care. This is also something to consider if anyone in your household has allergies.

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