National Farm Animals Awareness Week starts on September 18th! This was started back in 1993, with the hopes of raising awareness about the importance of treating all animals—including farm animals—with kindness and compassion, and just hopefully spreading support for kinder, more humane animal husbandry practices. We also believe that all animals deserve to be treated kindly and with compassion. That applies to farm animals, too! A Wichita, KS vet lists a few ways to celebrate in this article.


If there’s one thing all of our patients agree on, it’s a love of snacks. Offer your hooved pals something special!

Hoof Care Time

Hoof health is crucial for farm animals. With winter coming on, a simple slip can prove deadly. Ideally, your farrier should be coming out regularly. Traction is also something to consider. Address drainage and footing issues, particularly in spots that get icy or muddy in winter.

To-Do List

Chances are, you’ll never have a day on the farm where there’s nothing to do. However, this is a good time to knock a few things off your fall chores list. A few things you may find on your agenda? Ordering winter feed and hay; scheduling veterinary appointments; repairing fences; checking blankets; maintaining generators, tractors, and other gear; and cleaning out the tack and/or feed rooms.

Farm Fun

Fall can be a great time for hosting community events on the farm. Depending on what you have for animals, and what your setup is, you can offer hay rides, a corn maze, a petting zoo, a dinner or potluck, or demonstrations. You can also incorporate games or lessons for local kids or clubs. This is a great way to connect with and give back to your community.

Photo Sessions

Fall is perfect for taking pictures of your four-legged (or, if you have poultry, two-legged) friends. This can also be a good time to get involved with your online community. Take some fun pictures, and have a caption contest on social media.

Offer Sanctuary

There’s unfortunately never an end to the numbers of rescued animals that need loving forever homes. Consider giving one a happy and comfortable retirement at your place. This can really be a special and uplifting experience, and is definitely something you can feel great about.

Do you have questions about farm animal care? Contact us, your local Wichita, KS animal clinic, today!