Have you heard of Spoiled Pig Syndrome? We’re guessing many of you haven’t. Spoiled Pig Syndrome isn’t a specific medical issue. Instead, it’s sort of a catch-all phrase for a variety of behavioral issues that pigs sometimes develop, often as a result of improper care and/or training. Pigs need a lot of TLC. However, if you spoil your pet, you may find yourself with a grumpy or aggressive pig on your hands. In this article, a Wichita, KS vet offers tips on how to properly spoil a pig.


It probably isn’t a huge surprise to learn that pigs love treats. Peanut butter and Cheerios are a good bet here, as are plain popcorn, grapes, and cheese crisps. Just don’t overindulge your pet, or let them train you to feed them on command. If you let your bovine friend ‘pig out,’ you may end up with a bigger pet than you bargained for!


Did you know that pigs can be trained? Harness training is a definite must. Your pet should also learn simple commands, like Sit and Stay, as well as basic petiquette. Nip any bad habits, such as, well, nipping, in the bud. This discipline should start from day one. Make sure that everyone in your household is on the same page, and using the same methods.


Many pet pigs have favorite ‘blankies’ that they like to snuggle up with. (We probably don’t have to tell you how cute this is.) Your pet may also appreciate a sweater when it’s cold out.


Pigs need entertainment and enrichment. You don’t want your pet to get ‘boared!’ Toddler toys and dog toys are typically suitable. Pigs also enjoy puzzle toys, and searching for ‘hidden’ goodies.

Belly Rubs

Many of these guys really love belly rubs. Try it and see!


Your pet should have their own designated space inside your home, as well as an outdoor area to play and root around in. This should contain a wall and a shelter.


Pigs are very social, and will get lonely and depressed if they’re left alone too much. Pay lots of attention your pet. Spend lots of time with your pet. Walk him, pet him, and play with him.

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