Is your cat aged nine or older? If so, Fluffy is officially a kitty retiree … even if she still thinks of herself as a kitten. Your pet won’t go through drastic changes right away, but she will benefit from some extra TLC in her golden years. A Derby vet offers some advice on caring for an aging cat below.


By the time your cat is a senior, she’ll be very tired, and can sleep up to 20 hours a day. Make sure she has lots of different beds to rotate through!


Fluffy won’t be as frisky as she used to be, but she’ll still have her moments. Take a few minutes a day to play with her. This will benefit her both mentally and physically.


Obesity is a common issue among older kitties. You’ll want to offer your pet a good, high-quality senior cat food. Treats are fine, but don’t go overboard. If Fluffy is, well, not just fluffy, she could face some very serious health issues!


Like people, cats often get quite stiff and sore as they age. This can make it hard for them to properly groom themselves. As a result, you may notice Fluffy’s fur starting to look matted or tangled. Help her out by gently brushing her.


Your feline pal may have trouble seeing after dark. Leave a nightlight on for Fluffy, to help her get around more easily.


Older cats may have an easier time getting in and out of a litterbox with low sides. You may want to get your furry friend a different powder room.


As your pet ages, she’ll become both less agile and less alert. This means that she’ll be in greater danger of getting hurt, especially if she is allowed outdoors. Keep Fluffy safe and sound indoors!

Veterinary Care

Older cats are susceptible to a variety of illnesses. Keep up with your furball’s veterinary appointments! In between visits, watch for signs of illness or injury.


Fluffy needs to feel loved and safe to truly thrive. Pay lots of attention to your kitty, and keep that little motor going. Senior cats truly are a joy, and they all deserve lots of cuddles, conversations, and attention.

Please do not hesitate to reach out if ever we can be of assistance. As your local Derby veterinary clinic, we’re here to help.