I Love Horses Day is today, July 15th. This is one occasion we are more than happy to  awareness about. Horses have played an integral role in our history. However, we’re well into the age of the horseless carriage now, and they have mostly been relegated to the roles of pet, athlete, and/or trail buddy. This is a great time to show our hooved pals some appreciation! A Derby veterinarian offers tips on spoiling Flicka below.


A good massage is just as soothing for horses as it is for us. Ask your vet to recommend someone, or look up techniques for doing it yourself. It’s really cute seeing horses relax as those knots get rubbed away.

Beauty Treatment

Many horses enjoy getting bathed, especially when it’s hot out. Give Flicka a full beauty treatment. Then, try to get a good picture of her before she rolls in the dirt. (Good luck with that one!)


One thing about horses: they never stop learning, and they never start teaching us. Work on something new with Flicka. Lunging, jumping, or dressage are good options for many.

Adopt A Barn Buddy

If you’re boarding Flicka, this one may not be up to you. However, if you have your own place, consider giving a stray kitty a home. Many cat rescues have furballs that would be purrfectly happy to keep your place clear of mice and vermin in exchange for room, board, veterinary care, and kibble.

Doctor’s Visit

Speaking of veterinarians, if your horse is due for parasite control or an exam, make an appointment. Flicka may also need her teeth floated or his hooves trimmed. These basic things go a long way towards keeping horses happy and healthy.


Classic horse favorites like apples, carrots, sugar cubes, and peppermints will always be popular. However, if you really want to give Flicka something special, make her some horse cookies. Mix plain steel-cut oats with molasses, shredded carrots, brown sugar, honey, and a little olive oil. Then, roll into balls and bake for 30 minutes at 325F.


Spoiling your horse is great, but don’t forget about the thousands of horses that aren’t so lucky. Consider donating to—or volunteering at—a rescue society.

Please contact us if ever we can be of assistance. As your Derby veterinary hospital, we’re dedicated to helping you keep your animals happy and healthy.