Love Your Pet Day is coming up on February 20th. If you have a kitty, why not make a point of pampering Fluffy a bit? Cats really do fill our lives with love. They keep us laughing, snuggle up with us, and just generally help our houses feel like homes. That deserves to be celebrated! Here, a Wichita, KS veterinarian lists some cute things you can do to get your pet’s motor going.

New Bed

In the kitty rulebook, one can never have too many beds. Even if your feline companion already has one (or eight) she’ll always appreciate having a new napping spot.


No pet holiday is complete without toys! Pick up a few new things for Fluffy. You can also make her playthings. Look online for ideas and instructions.


Sure, tossing Fluffy a new catnip mouse will entertain her (and you) for a few minutes. However, playtime will be more fun and more rewarding if she has a playmate. Hold a laser pointer or wand toy for your kitty to chase.


Kitties have a very curious (and adorable) relationship with catnip. In fact, their cute noses are equipped with scent receptors that precisely match with catnip scent molecules. Catnip is a purrfect gift. Of course, not all of our feline pals enjoy catnip. About a third of them are immune to its effects. If your furball doesn’t care for it, look for honeysuckle cat toys. Kitties that don’t like catnip often enjoy honeysuckle. (No one knows why, and Fluffy isn’t telling.)

Box Castle

Fluffy loves being pampered, but she doesn’t have expensive tastes. As far as kitties are concerned, plain cardboard boxes are one of life’s finer luxuries.


You don’t really need a special occasion to give your furball snacks, but treats are still a good way to make her feel loved. Store-bought snacks are fine, but Fluffy may also appreciate some plain, boneless meat, fish, or poultry, without the skin, bones, or fat. Canned tuna or crabmeat is also okay.


At the end of the day, the best way to make your feline buddy feel loved is to pay attention to her. Talk to her, pet her, and give her lap space if she wants.

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