June 4th is a pretty special day for Man’s Second Best Friend: it’s Adopt A Shelter Cat Day! About 3 million cats enter America’s shelters each year. That’s a lot of kitties that need loving homes! If you’re considering adopting a new pet, please think about getting Fluffy from a shelter. A Wichita, KS vet offers some advice on this below.


There are many benefits to adopting from a shelter. For one thing, you’ll be able to pick from a roster of adorable furry faces. You’ll also find that adopting a shelter cat is much easier on the wallet than going through a breeder or pet store. Keep in mind that most shelter cats have already been fixed, which can also help you save on veterinary care. Another great thing about going to a shelter is knowing that you’re helping other animals, both by freeing up space and by providing financial support.

Finding Fluffy

Picking a pet is a pretty big decision, and one that will profoundly impact your life. Some people want kitties of specific breeds or colors, while others just go with their guts. Take time with Fluffy, and make sure that she will be a good fit. Just don’t overlook the less wanted kitties. That scared black cat may turn out to be the most lovable pet you’ve ever had!

Settling In

Kitties are actually quite emotional, and get stressed out easily. Going to a new home is a big deal for Fluffy! Your furball will need time to get used to her new surroundings. You may want to start her out in a room of her own. (This is especially important if you have other pets, as you’ll need to make those introductions slowly.) You’ll want to bring her to the vet for an exam, but aside from that, just focus on offering great care.

Purr  Activation

Want to get that little motor going? Start by offering Fluffy lots of beds. Providing toys, catnip, pet furniture, and window seats will also please your feline overlord. While you don’t want to force attention on Fluffy, it is important to make sure she feels loved and safe. Finally, just pay lots of attention to your feline friend! Love is that special ingredient every great pet care regimen needs.

Have you recently adopted a shelter cat? Contact us, your Wichita, KS animal clinic, anytime!