Does your kitty have a cat tower? If not, you may want to consider getting her one. Cats are pretty versatile when it comes to finding places to sleep and things to scratch, but they do benefit from having things that serve these specific purrposes. The cat tower is the gold standard when it comes to kitty furniture. A Wichita, KS vet discusses Fluffy’s favorite thing below. 




In the wild, trees serve as kitty scratching posts. They also offer cats vantage points, napping spots, and escape from predators. The cat tower is essentially a manmade replacement, and, as such, is something kitties just naturally enjoy and feel safe on. 




Many of our feline friends like climbing to high perches, so they can see and supervise their kingdoms and servants. It’s probably safe to say that some of you have found your kitties on top of your fridges or bookshelves at some point. Fluffy’s love of heights does make sense: after all, she really can’t see much from ground level. 




Another reason that cat towers are beneficial is that they do keep kitties active, by encouraging them to jump, climb, and, in some cases, scamper around like squirrels. Given that our feline pals spend the majority of their time snoozing, that’s definitely a plus!


Choosing The Tower


Picking a cat tower isn’t exactly rocket science, though it may fall under that umbrella if your feline buddy likes to launch herself on or off hers. However, there are a few things to consider. If you have multiple furballs, choose something that will fit all of them at once. Otherwise, they may fight over it! Younger cats will probably enjoy tall play centers with bells and whistles … or technically, feather toys and ladders. A shy kitty may like something with enclosed spaces, while a senior will likely prefer something she can get on and off easily.


Rekindling Interest 


Has your kitty been ignoring her tower? She may have started to think of it as just something in the background. Try cleaning it first, either with a vacuum or handheld steam cleaner attachment. You can also try moving it or recovering it. If all else fails, sprinkle catnip around it and tell Fluffy to stay off. She’ll probably jump right on! 


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