Horses are majestic and amazing creatures. They’ve borne us on their backs since the dawn of history. In fact, if you think about it, civilization would have evolved very differently without them! However, we don’t use horses in our daily life the way we used to. As a result, many people aren’t as familiar with their care needs. One thing that is extremely important here is being able to spot medical problems early on. Read on as a Wichita, KS vet lists some signs of pain in horses.


Leg and foot issues are extremely dangerous for horses. If you notice Silver limping or moving with an abnormal gait, immediately inspect his legs, feet, and shoes. You’ll want to check for swelling, heat, and/or tenderness. If you find a rock in his shoe, remove it, and see if that helps. Otherwise, contact your vet immediately.

Temperament Changes

We know, some horses are cantankerous by nature. However, if Silver is acting unusually grumpy or withdrawn, there may be something going on with him. Uncharacteristic fussing, pacing, or withdrawal are also warning signs.

Strange Posture

Pay attention to your horse’s posture and behavior. A horse that is trembling or standing in an unusual way could be sick. Silver may also pace, shift his weight from leg to leg, keep getting up and down, or stay down.


It’s normal for Silver to sweat when it’s hot out, or when he’s being ridden, lunged, or driven. However, if your horse is sweating for no apparent reason, he could be sick or in pain.

Lack of Appetite/Changes In Eating Habits

It’s almost always a red flag when a horse loses interest in food. With horses, you’ll also need to watch for changes in eating habits. For instance, if you notice Silver taking longer to eat or chewing on one side of his mouth, he could have dental issues. These can cause or contribute to colic. Weight loss is also a warning sign.

Biting Themselves

Horses sometimes bite themselves when they’re in pain. For example, a horse with colic may nip at his flanks. Silver may also keep looking at himself, as if trying to see what’s going on.

If you notice any of these signs, or any other sign of illness or injury, contact us, your Wichita, KS animal clinic, vet immediately. We’re here to help!