The holiday season is ramping up into full gear! Many of us are busy with cooking, shopping, and decorating for seasonal events. Of course, no holiday scene is truly complete without a purring cat! Here, a Wichita, KS vet discusses spending holidays with Fluffy.


Cats all have their own purrsonalities. Some are fearless and friendly, while others are timid and shy. If your pet falls into the latter category, she may get a bit uneasy when you have company. Set your kitty up in a quiet back room with bedding, toys, treats, and, of course, a litterbox, when you are hosting events. Fluffy may very well prefer to sleep through the festivities.

The Tree

At this time of year, kitties all over the world are eyeing the pretty, decorated trees in their homes. If you have a frisky feline, consider securing the tree top to the wall or ceiling with clear fishing line. It won’t show, but will add some extra support. We also recommend decorating the bottom part of the tree sparsely, and only with unbreakable objects. Keep fragile ornaments, tinsel, and lights on the top part of the tree.


Although attacking trees may be Fluffy’s favorite holiday tradition, it isn’t the only way your furball can get into trouble at this time of year. Many holiday plants, such as poinsettias, holly, ivy, and mistletoe, are toxic to pets. Tinsel is also dangerous, as are pine needles, sharp ornaments, ornament hooks, candles, and many popular foods. Keep anything that could be hazardous out of paws’ reach.


Don’t forget to pick up a few things for your feline pal! Toys, window seats, and new beds are all great gifts for kitties. Fluffy will also enjoy some cat furniture, such as a scratching post or cat tower, and, of course, some catnip. When everyone has finished opening their gifts, offer her some of the empty boxes. This can make for some adorable holiday photos!


Your furball will definitely enjoy a special treat! Just stick with things that are safe for kitties. Plain, cooked, boneless meat, fish, or chicken is always a good option. Fluffy may also enjoy some sodium-free broth, shredded deli meat, or canned tuna in water.

Happy Holidays from all of us here at Hodes Veterinary Health Center, your local Wichita, KS vet clinic. Please feel free to contact us anytime!