Have you decided to keep goats? These guys will definitely keep you on your toes! Just like any other animal, goats need a proper diet, an appropriate shelter, and regular veterinary care to thrive. But what does it take to be a great goat owner? A Wichita, KS vet discusses keeping Billy happy below.

Let Goats Be Goats

We don’t recommend having just one goat. These guys are herd animals by nature, and don’t do well alone. They also have their own ways of determining social hierarchies. Male goats can be rambunctious. You’ll want to do some research on handling aggressive goats, especially when they are in rut. Ask your vet for tips on managing baaaaad behavior. It’s also worth noting that goats are escape artists. If there is a weak spot in your fencing, they will find it!

DIY Playground

As you’ve probably noticed, goats love to jump and climb on things. Why not make them a playground? Pallets can come in very handy here. You can also look into getting a big wooden spool from a utility company. Even an old table can make a good platform. Just bury the legs deep enough to make it sturdy. This also works with old tractor tires. Children’s playsets and old steps are also popular with goats. Just make sure that everything is sturdy, and that there are no nails, holes, screws, or rough edges that could cause injuries.

Watch For Signs Of Illness

Pay attention to your goats, and get to know them. This is not only highly entertaining, it will also make it easier for you to spot signs of sickness. Some red flags are isolation, trembling, lethargy, unusual posture, pale gums, and reduced appetite. Call your vet immediately if you notice any of these signs.


Just like any other animal, goats like treats. You can buy goat treats, but Billy can occasionally enjoy things like bread, corn chips, and raisins. Fresh produce, such as bananas, grapes, lettuce, watermelon, pears, and peaches, is also fine. Just remove seeds and pits first, and cut the fruits and veggies into bite-sized bits. Also, be sure to do your research. Not everything is safe for goats. Some dangerous foods include avocado, meat, and dog or cat food. Ask your vet for specific advice.

Do you have questions about goat care? Contact us, your Wichita, KS vet clinic, today!