October is Adopt A Shelter Dog Month! There’s never a bad time to give a shelter dog a happy tomorrow, and a great forever home. However, with so many people working and learning remotely right now, this year is a great time to adopt a pet. If you are considering getting a canine buddy, please think about going through a shelter. Here, a Wichita, KS veterinarian lists some great reasons to adopt from a shelter. 

Save A Life

There are just far too many sweet, lovable pets in shelters, desperately hoping that someone will give them a second chance. You can’t save all of them, but you can definitely help at least one. Rescuing an animal is a truly beautiful experience, and one that’s very rewarding and fulfilling. You’ll also be helping other animals: the space Fido leaves behind won’t be empty for long! 

Find The Perfect Fit

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes, and they all have their own personalities. No matter what type of pooch you’re looking for, you’ll be able to find one that suits your needs in a shelter. Just be sure to spend time with Fido, and make sure it’s a good match. You’ll need to consider things like your lifestyle, budget, and household. An active, energetic pup that loves to run may be perfect for an athletic family, while a quiet, cuddly canine that gets along with cats may be a better fit for a different household.

It’s Good For Kids

Our furry pals can be very beneficial for youngsters. Fido makes a great playmate and cuddle buddy! He also teaches kids about love, loyalty, and friendship, and comforts them in tough times. Plus, some studies suggest that children with pets develop stronger immune systems than those who don’t have animal companions. 

Dogs Make Everything Better

There’s a reason that dogs have earned the title of Man’s Best Friend. Our canine companions are extremely loving and loyal, and really want nothing more than to stay close to their humans. Fido also has a special way of filling our lives with love and laughter. It’s hard not to smile when watching a pup joyfully bounding after his favorite toy, enjoying belly rubs, or rolling around in the grass. 

Do you have questions about your pet’s health or care? Contact us, your Wichita, KS vet clinic, anytime!

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