Did you know that one of the best things you can do for your cat is to ground her? We know, Fluffy really enjoys outdoor kitty activities, like leaving paw art on windshields and bringing her humans ‘gifts.’ However, your feline pal is much better off inside, where she is safe from traffic, weather, and other hazards. Indoor cats don’t get as much entertainment or stimulation as outdoor ones, though, so you’ll need to take a few steps to keep your furball purring. A Derby veterinarian offers some tips on that below.


Our feline buddies certainly are sleepy. Make sure Fluffy has lots of comfy beds. Your pet will also enjoy things she can climb and explore, like cat towers or kitty tunnels.

Pet-Safe Plants

Why not let your kitty enjoy a taste of nature? Set out some non-toxic plants. Your feline friend will enjoy nibbling on the plants and peeking out from behind the leaves. Plus, your place will look and smell nice. Check the ASPCA website here for recommendations. 


Did you know that playing is both fun and beneficial for kitties? Your furry little buddy will have a blast chasing after that little red dot, or trying to catch that fuzzy squirrel you’re dangling in front of her. Make a habit of playing with your pet regularly.


Kitty playtime shouldn’t be the only thing Fluffy has to look forward to for entertainment. She should also have toys that she can use when you’re not around. Change these things out regularly to keep things fun for her.

Background Noise

Cats like to pretend that they’re cold and aloof, but they’re actually very emotional. Fluffy can get bored and lonely if she’s left alone too long! Leave a TV or radio on for her.


Turn a light on if you’ll be out after dark. You don’t want to leave Fluffy alone in a dark, quiet house. That’s no fun!

Window View

Fluffy may only hunts bottlecaps, dust bunnies, and the occasional moth, but she’ll still be interested in watching birds and squirrels. Offer her a comfy spot before a window with a good view. 

Veterinary Care

Even if Fluffy stays indoors, she’ll still need regular veterinary care. Keep up with your kitty’s appointments! 

As your Derby animal clinic, we’re dedicated to offering ‘purrfect’ service. Please feel free to contact us anytime!