As you may know Cinco De Mayo is May 5th. However, this Mexican holiday has gone to the cats: it’s now also Cinco de Meow Day! In this article, a local Wichita, KS vet offers some tips on turning your feline friend into a little ‘purrito’ for this special day.


Are you planning on getting Mexican food as takeout? Ask for a paper bag, and give it to Fluffy. Instant purr! You can also make Fluffy a box castle, and decorate it Mexican-style.

Taco Cat

Fluffy is full of adorable quirks and mysteries, and we’ve just discovered a big one: Taco Cat spelled backwards is … Taco Cat! Buy or make Fluffy her own little catnip taco to celebrate. You may want to enjoy some tacos yourself as well.

Spread The News

Social media definitely has its downsides, but it does make it easier to share things with friends and family. Many shelters and rescues have discounts and adoption fiestas for Cinco de Meow. Help them find homes for some of their adorable residents by spreading the word on social media. (You probably won’t have a hard time finding some cute memes to share as well.)

Photo Shoot

Have a photo shoot with your feline buddy. Set Fluffy up with some appropriately festive props, and snap some cute pics. This could be the start of a pretty adorable annual tradition!

Dress For It

Cinco de Meow may never become as well-known as Cinco de Mayo, but it is gaining traction. You can now get shirts and other pieces of merch in honor of Fluffy’s special day. This is a cute way to spread the word, especially for kids. Look for one that donates proceeds to an animal charity.

Teach Fluffy Spanish

Did you know that there are several ways to say cat in Spanish? Gato is likely the most common, but you can also say gatita or gatito, which means kitten. There’s also minino/minina, which are less formal. Try addressing Fluffy using these terms, and see if you can get a meow of approval.

Dinner And A Movie

Winding down? Settle in with a good movie (A Western, maybe?) and perhaps a special beverage, and enjoy the rest of the night. If Fluffy ends up on your lap, all the better!

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