Have you noticed that llamas  have become quite popular over the last few years? Are you considering getting a llama? Llamas probably aren’t the first thing to come to mind when you think of a farm animal, but they do have some wonderful traits. They’re also really cute! That said, there are some things to consider before deciding to adopt one (or more) of these lovable, woolly fluff balls. A Wichita, KS vet lists some of them below.


One of the best things about having a llama? They’re typically not only very friendly, but are also quite smart. Another bonus? They are naturally quite clean. For instance, many llamas will use one spot as their bathroom. They also make great guardians, and don’t need a whole lot of room. Have we mentioned the fact that they are absolutely adorable? 


Aside from the ongoing costs of food and veterinary care, there aren’t many downsides to having llamas. However, we do recommend getting at least two: these are very social animals, and get quite lonely without any buddies. You’ll also need to take time with training and socialization. T(Llamas are usually sweet, but there are some drama llamas with bad manners.) The main pitfall seems to be llama addiction. Many llama owners end up adopting more than they planned.


Llamas are easy keepers, but they do need some pasturage. They’ll also need a barn or shelter. Make sure that your area is zoned to allow large animals! 


Llamas are fairly easy keepers, but they do have unique needs. First time owners will be facing a learning curve. Llamas have very specific requirements for things like parasite control, vaccinations, and health certificates. You’ll need a great vet that is experienced with llamas and their cousins, the alpacas. You’ll also need to find a local store or service that offers llama products, such as food and grooming supplies, such as shears. We also strongly advise going through a reputable breeder. Do plenty of research! 


We can’t talk about llamas without having some fun. One thing llamas have going for them? They’re really fun to name! A quick online search will turn up some great ones. (Our favorites? Dolly Llama, No Probllama, and Llamanade.)

Do you have questions about llama care? As your Wichita, KS animal clinic, we are here to help!